Día del abuelo, 26 de julio

HONOR TO WHOM HONOR IS DUE Every July 26 we celebrate in our country, a very special and endearing day “THE GRANDFATHER’S DAY”. That wonderful person, an example of perseverance, unconditional love and delivery. The one that complements and has complemented everyone’s life and that is at the top of our family trees. Perfect opportunity […]

Thanks to the Pere Relats Foundation


From Policlínica Comarcal del Vendrell we want to thank the Pere Relats Foundation, especially its occupational therapists, Ms. Marta Mayol and Ms. Isabel Roca for the donation of wheelchairs they have made to our center. Thank you very much! PCV Management

New nuclear magnetic resonance Teslas


Policlínica Comarcal del Vendrell in its continuous effort to be at the forefront of new technologies has installed a new nuclear magnetic resonance. This, given its characteristics and capabilities, is unique in the entire area and allows us to go one step further in the control and detection of pathologies. Magnetic resonance imaging is a […]

Tips to take care of the skin in summer


With the arrival of summer, the day gets longer and the heat increases. They are indirect signs of the greater solar exposure that our country receives on these dates. Our skin is the protective organ that allows us to regulate temperature, isolate ourselves from infections as well as maintain sensitivity and sensations with our environment. […]

Social education in social and health centers

educador social a centres sociosanitaris

The social educator is the great unknown in health centers mainly because he is a relatively young discipline in multidisciplinary teams everywhere and even more so in health centers. That is why, in addition to his / her duties, the social educator must make the rest of the professionals, patients and relatives aware of his […]

Generalized Anxiety Disorders – Anxiety seizures or attacks


Currently due to the demands of society caused by the media and social networks that induce to be productive and to value only what is achieved and not the effort, together with the overprotection of children by not letting them learn from experience and trying Filling their needs not only emotional but also material in […]

Speech therapy in Policlinica Comarcal del Vendrell

logopeda en policlinica comarcal del vendrell

Speech therapy is the specialty that is dedicated to working in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders, whether they are speech or language, swallowing, hearing and voice in both adults and children. The most frequently attended problems are: • Speech disorders: dyslalias, phonological awareness. • Muscle tone, breathing and swallowing in patients with […]


Preguntas frecuentes policlinica comarcal del vendrell

What is informed consent? Informed consent is the free, voluntary and conscious consent of a patient, manifested in the full use of his powers after receiving the appropriate information, so that an action takes place that affects his health, in this case a technique or exploration. diagnostic imaging. Not all diagnostic imaging techniques or scans […]

Computed tomography (CT)

Tomografía computarizada (TC)

Computed tomography (CT) is a test done with a machine with a hole inside an X-ray tube. The patient stretches without moving on a table that moves up and down, in and out, while the x-ray tube rotates around his body. Thus, images of the body can be generated from different angles. It is especially […]