estados de conciencia

States of conscience and its various alterations

Alterations in states of consciousness are one of the most dramatic and difficult clinical problems to face. The ancient Greeks already knew that normal consciousness required an intact brain and that an alteration of consciousness meant a neurological failure. The brain is only able to withstand a limited degree of physical or metabolic damage and […]

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Implantes dentales: Dudas usuales ante el tratamiento

Dental implants: Usual doubts about the treatment

Dental absences have ceased to be an aesthetic and functional problem with the use of dental implants. Technology has turned this intervention into a routine procedure in the offices, however there are still doubts regarding this issue. We have compiled the most usual doubts of our patients to try to clarify these concerns. Is it […]

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Jornada preventiva problemas cardiovasculares en la empresa

Medical-Preventive Day “How do they affect and how to prevent cardiovascular problems in the company?”

Last Monday, November 27, at the Dr. Isaac Contel Auditorium, of the Policlínica Comarcal del Vendrell, the Preventive-Medical Seminar took place: “How do they affect and how to prevent cardiovascular problems in the company?” by the Policlínica Comarcal del Vendrell and with the collaboration of Mutua Universal. The seminar was inaugurated by Mr. Martí Carnicer, […]

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VI Jornada de Pediatría en el Auditorio Dr. Isaac Contel de la Policlínica Comarcal del Vendrell

VI Pediatrics Conference on “Update in Primary Care Pediatrics: Dermatology”

On November 18, the 6th Pediatrics Conference took place in the Dr. Isaac Contel Auditorium of the Policlínica Comarcal del Vendrell, which on this occasion was about the “Update in Primary Care Pediatrics: Dermatology”. The conference was attended by renowned experts in the field such as Dr. Manel Enrubia, President of the Section of Primary […]

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Erupción dentaria: Cronología en sus diferentes etapas

Dental eruption: Chronology and different stages

The dental eruption corresponds to the mobilization or displacement of the tooth from the inside of the maxillary or mandibular bone to its final position within the buccal arch, culminating with normality this process once a correct occlusion with the antagonist has been achieved. Knowing their evolution and understanding the eruption as a physiological process […]

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La figura del trabajador social

The Role of the Medical Social Worker

Social work has been related and involved in the field of health care since its inception. The objective was to help better understand the situation of the people that the medicine attended, and facilitating to the professionals the realization of a diagnosis and treatment more linked with the social reality of the patients. In 1978, […]

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La alimentación y la salud bucal

The relationship between children’s feeding and dental health

Tips for oral hygiene When we think about our children, we always look for the best nutrition so that they can develop as healthy as possible and we are very focused on valuing the nutrients of each meal. And if so, we are doing well. However, there are certain foods that do not generate an […]

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atencion personalizada

Person-Centred Care

Times change and the philosophy of work changes with them; it is for this reason that the Polyclinic Comarcal of El Vendrell moves with these changes to give, as always, a quality care and adapted to the innovations in the attention to the people. At the moment, Person Centred Care (PCC) is being established in […]

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pediatria policlinicacomarcal del vendrell

PEDIATRICS: The return to school

In a few days the children will return to the classroom. In this short post, from the Pediatrics Department of the Polyclinic Comarcal del Vendrell, we want to share with families tips so that the daily routine is bearable and healthy. –Sleep: The best way to start the day is to have a restful sleep. […]

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Punción seca - Fisioterapia

New physiotherapy technique – The dry puncture

Dry puncture is an invasive physiotherapy technique that is based on the treatment of myofascial trigger points by means of needles. In order to understand the mechanism of action of the technique, we must know the Myofascial Pain Syndrome. This is a set of signs and symptoms caused by myofascial trigger points (MTP). A MTP […]

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