Protege tu piel del sol

Protect your skin from the sun

Remember that in the Mediterranean region, the sun is present for most of the year, and it is not necessary to go to the beach to have lesions due to ultraviolet radiation and risk of skin cancer. Although sun exposure on the beach is very intense, the sun “from the street” is enough to cause […]

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Beware of heat excess

Each summer a new period of high temperatures begins. This year, it is higher than normal, according to the prediction of different regional and state meteorological agencies. As every year, we must prevent the effects that these high temperatures can produce in our body. They can be presented as: Heat stress: Perception of discomfort and […]

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Policlínica Comarcal del Vendrell celebra su 75º aniversario

Policlinica Comarcal del Vendrell celebrates its 75th anniversary

Policlinica Comarcal del Vendrell celebrates its 75th anniversary (1942-2017) and inaugurates the new Pavilion of Major Ambulatory Surgery in an emotional act that concludes with an original spectacle in the Pau Casals Auditorium. The key person to reach this celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Policlínica Comarcal, has been and is Dr. Isaac Contel, […]

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