Current surgery of the cataract

Cataract is the loss of transparency of the lens, which is a natural lens that is located behind the pupil and allows the automatic focusing of objects. After 40 years, the lens loses flexibility and eyestrain occurs (presbyopia), and after 60 years, transparency is progressively lost, causing loss of vision. The solution to this problem […]

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Donar óvulos: altruismo y solidaridad de mujer a mujer

Donate ovules: altruism and solidarity from woman to woman

Without them (donors), it would not be possible. Every year in Catalonia, Spain and in the world, many children are born thanks to the solidarity and altruism of many women who give their ovules (1 out of 3 Assisted Reproduction treatments are done with donation of ovules). In Embriogyn for a while, we have promoted […]

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Indicaciones de los ejercicios en régimen excéntrico muscular en patologia tendinosa

Indications of exercises in the eccentric muscular regime in tendinous pathology

The multifactorial origin of the tendon pathology caused by situations such as the positions held during work time, repetitive gestures or overexertion in athletes, intake of a suitable diet or not, own trauma that can originate during daily life, genetic factors or hereditary or simply its normal degenerative process over time and age, it is […]

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