Revisión completa de su vista

Complete review of your vision with the most advanced technology

In the Ophthalmology Service of the Policlínica Comarcal del Vendrell, we perform a review to rule out the most frequent pathologies in people over 50 years of age: Refractive defects: myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia (tired eyesight). Cataracts: loss of lens transparency. Glaucoma: increase in intraocular pressure that produces damage to the optic nerve. Age-Related Macular […]

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Vivir un embarazo tranquilo gracias a un buen Diagnóstico Prenatal

A quiet pregnancy thanks to a good Prenatal Diagnosis

Being pregnant is one of the happiest moments of your life. But from this moment, until your child is born, a path awaits you that can generate doubts from the first day for both you and the fetus, and depending on how you face it can become calm and exciting or very distressing. Surely you […]

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