DR. FIGUERAS: "Hablemos sin miedo, sin pudor"

“Let’s talk without fear, without shame”

When talking about women’s health, unfortunately, we find many taboos. The origin is clear: until recently, it was not talk so openly about “women’s problems.” Going to the gynecologist was reserved for when there was no other choice. The grandmother’s remedies were worth more: If it stings you down there “put yogurt in the area […]

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With the arrival of the summer, external otitis appear

The heat and the holidays favor bathing in pools and beaches, but being a long time under water facilitates the appearance of the so-called swimmer’s ear. With summer and high temperatures, a new routine begins: vacations, summer camps, the beach, etc., which help to cool off and take advantage of the practice of sports related […]

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Patologías prostáticas y renovesicales

Prostatic and renovesical pathologies

Dr. Hernández tells us about the leading techniques performed at the Polyclinic for the treatment of different prostatic and renovesical pathologies. Dr. Hernandez, could you tell me what kind of treatments are done at the center? Since I joined the Polyclinic in 2011, there has been no other objective than to turn the Urology service […]

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Growth factors

Dr. Saura explains us what are infiltrations with plasma rich in growth factors. A revolutionary technique in the treatment of injuries and joint regeneration. What are the growth factors? They are substances, in this case proteins, that are found in the bloodstream as part of the serum, and contribute to the regeneration of degenerated or […]

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La colonoscopia como método de cribaje del cáncer de colon

Colonoscopy as a screening method for colon cancer

Can we prevent colon cancer? We know that 85% of malignant tumors of the colon originate from an adenomatous polyp that progresses to cancer throughout an evolutionary cycle lasting 3-10 years. If we perform a colonoscopy and remove the polyp, we cut the evolutionary cycle, its natural history. Do all polyps turn into cancer? Not […]

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Embriogyn pone en marcha WITNESS, un novedoso sistema de biovigilancia

Embriogyn launches WITNESS, a novel biovigilance system

Embriogyn has just installed a new system for the control and traceability of all the samples that are worked in its in vitro fertilization laboratory. This new system is called RI Witness, developed in the UK and its main objective is to ensure maximum safety in the identification and handling of ovules, sperm and embryos […]

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Revisión de la vista para niños

Pediatric ophthalmology: Vision screening for children

The visual function develops in the first 7-8 years of life and depends on there being no problem in the structures of the eyeball, the muscles that move our eyes and the correct connection with the brain. It is very important to detect any problem before this age and put a treatment, because later it […]

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Odondología en la Policlínica Comarcal

Dentistry at the Policlinica Comarcal

What can we find in the Department of Dentistry of the PCV? Our team has a professional acting philosophy based on offering our patients personalized treatment plans according to their needs in order to achieve full oral health. We have specialists that cover each area, a factor that guarantees the success of the treatment. Currently, […]

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Tratamientos de reproducción para ser madre soltera

Be a mother

When the desire to be a mother arrives, the woman, regardless of social status or sexual condition, should be able to be. Whether you are a single woman (single mother) or a couple of lesbian women, you should seek help in assisted reproduction. For many years now, reproductive medicine has helped women become mothers, applying […]

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Cirurgia estètica a la Policlínica Comarcal

Cosmetic Surgery in the Policlinica Comarcal

What are the objectives of cosmetic surgery? Rejuvenate and harmonize the body so that it has a pleasant and positive aspect for the client. And all this done with surgical techniques studied and modern and that involve the minimum of trauma and the least aggression to the anatomy. Can we reshape the body with the […]

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