Emergency: Highly professional and of renowned prestige Emergency service at your service 24 hours/365 days a year.

sala urgencias

Personalized attention

Highly qualified doctors

Cutting-edge technology

Proximity and professionalism

Hospitalization: PCV offers various different units, appropriate to the pathology of the patients profile, offering newly opened, ultra modern surroundings, combined with state of the art equipment and technology. Each patient will have ther own individual spacious room, full bathroom en suite, optimum daylight as all rooms are situated overlooking the outside of the buliding. Al rooms are elegantly decorated andl equipped with aircon/CH, TV and Wifi. Each room has a comfortable sofabed for person accompanying patient if required.

Tarjeta de fidelización PCV

For any emergency, we are available 24 hours, 365 days a year EMERGENCY 977 66 01 40

Emergency service description

Ongoing medical and surgical service 24 hours /365 days of the year

15 Emergency Boxes and 1 CPR Box. All of them equipped with the latest technology

Digital Radiology Service

Laboratory Service / Emergency Clinical Examination

Admission to the hospital in private room and guest's bed

Emergency service professionals

Team of doctors on call, specialized and with long experience in the Emergency service

Nursery service specialized in emergencies

Agreement for the support of the Blood and Tissue Bank of Tarragona





Hospital Admission: Private or by Mutual insurance

Admission through the Emergency service or programmed, by mutual insurance or private

40 new, fully-equipped beds

Single rooms with guest bed, external views and assisted bathroom

WiFi, TV, background music and telephon

Guest room for patients and guests en each floor with tv

Kitchen, cleaning and laundry service

Religious assistance and service

Therapeutic garden

Inter-consultation with 42 specialist doctors

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