Restorations on implants

Dental implants are designed to provide a lasting solution to the loss of natural dental structures. Today they are the most advanced treatment option for replacing missing teeth. With dental implants is recovered everyday moments function as eat, talk or smile and at the same time increase the comfort and self-confidence. We work with implants BIOMET3I, leader in the manufacturing of pillars and products related to this therapy at national and international level.

Implant unit

This type of treatment is performed in cases that have given final loss of a single tooth, replaces the tooth root and crown both function and aesthetics.

Bridge fixed on implants

It is performed in cases where the edentulous gap is two or more teeth, making a fixed bridge supported by two implants at each end as appropriate the prosthetic design for each patient.

Full dentures retained on implants

This type of treatment is designed for patients who have lost all their teeth and require greater retention than a complete conventional prosthesis. For them a complete prosthesis on two or more implants retained is done with special anchors. This provides greater confidence to eat, speak, smile… They are ideals prosthesis for sanitation, because they are removable and thus the patient maintains proper oral health more easily.


Prosthesis implant supported complete

Designed for those patients who have lost all of their teeth, but they still have the most demanding aesthetic and functional needs. Aesthetics and function in this type of prosthesis is returned almost entirely because of all the prosthetic options, this is the one that most resembles the healthy tooth structure. Around 5 to 8 implants are distributed strategically, depending on the patient’s anatomy, and performs full fixed structure metal porcelain, always designing it according to each clinical case.

Restorative dentistry

Caries, topically applied, fluorine, inlays, ceramics, composite

Pediatric Dentistry

Treatments to children aged 3 to 12


Treatments for the correction of dental malocclusions


Pulpares injuries treatments, emergency treatments and dental pain treatments


Treatment of periodontitis of gums

Partial prosthesis and removable complete prosthesis

Design dental prostheses for patients with absences. Treatment that does not require surgery


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Dental Clinic PCV

Dental veneers

This type of treatment seeks to conceal defects of teeth seeking to achieve harmony and lost aesthetic proportions. It is a little aggressive treatment in comparison with the carved venner. Dental veneers without carved are thin slices of porcelain that cover the vestibular sides of anterior teeth.

Tooth whitening

Through our teeth whitening systems can be modify tooth staining without causing any damage to the structure of the enamel. Each patient requires an individualized assessment, but there are clinical studies that guarantee improved dental tone in at least 3 shades, within the range of dental color white, achieving significant aesthetic improvements.

Smile Design

This treatment seeks to achieve harmony and dental esthetics based on the physical characteristics of the patient and the patterns of beauty set. In this way, alterations as conoids teeth, canine teeth in lateral position with the need to modify their anatomy, diastemas, leveling of the occlusal plane, among other cases, can be resolved providing the patient treatments customized and guaranteed.

Maxillofacial surgery: Dr. Mateos

Aesthetic prosthesis: Dr. Teresa Jiménez

Periodontics: Dr.Josep MªRaduà

Endodontics: Dr. Lara Talavera

Orthodontics: Nataly Delgado

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