PCV is a center accredited by CatSalut, and agreement with the different Catalan sports federations.

Policlinica Comarcal, offers its Sports Medicine Unit, for people who wants to start or continue a professional sports or leisure, and the people who consider it as a contribution to the wellness, balance and personal satisfaction.

Among the services offered by the Sports Medicine Unit, you can find:


Consult prices at the clinic

Medical sports examinations (test basic)

Aptitude tests (effort test)

Gas ergometry

Spirometry and post effort

Biochemical, hematological analysis... - according to analysis

Anaerobic test - according to study

Design and monitoring training programs - according to study

Complementary evaluation with diagnostic tests -according to study

Medical assistance to the injured 24 hours - 365 days a year - according to pathology

Medical and surgical treatments - 45 €/h

Physical rehabilitation -according to pathology

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation -according to pathology

Osteopathy - 100 € study - 165 € shoes template

Race study -according to study

Fitness assessment - 120 €

Prevention and rehabilitation sport

The purpose of rehabilitation is in the global recovery of sports injuries, to return to the level prior to the injury and prevention of them. Policlínica Comarcal always with the sport.

Biomechanics of running

The objective of the study is to diagnose the source of discomfort and/or injuries and pay attention to each and every one of the factors that affect both the prevention of problems and improve the performance.

Biomechanics of cycling

Bicycle adaptation to the characteristics of the cyclist, morphology and according to the discipline (mountain biking, road, Triathlon, etc.) in order to get the maximum performance without pain or discomfort.


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