PCV is the social and health center of reference in the region of Baix Penedès. It is a center provider of CatSalut, and has long term Units, Hospital day and Assisted home care. In these healthcare units you will receive a comprehensive and personalized attention from theis multidisciplinary team of medical specialist, nurse, social worker, psychologist, physical therapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist and social animator.

We have internal services such as cooking, cleaning and laundry. In addition, there are staff always at your service to inform you about the multiple health services center offers.

Healthcare Units (LE, HD, RA)

It is the social and health center of reference in the region of Baix Penedès for all chronic patients with pluripathology or for terminal patients. These patients deserve a model that improves their life quality in a comprehensive manner.


The Policlínica Comarcal del Vendrell counts on the following Healthcare Units:

Long-term: aimed for those suffering from chronic diseases or processes and different levels of dependency that cannot receive a treatment at home. It intends to treat through rehabilitation in order for the patients to achieve as much independence as their situation allows them.


Day Hospital: it offers a service of interdisciplinary assistance where the patient with physical or mental illnesses attends in order to receive a full treatement, returning home afterwards. The objective is to improve the life quality of the patient, to diminish the burden experienced by the family and to facilitate hospital discharge and avoid institutionalization.


It provides services to those in more or less need of health care, specifically those surrounded by a social and family environment that cannot respond to their needs, and that therefore would require to be admitted to a center for a longer or a shorter period of time for their cure and care.

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Social worker

Social Intervention aims to increase the life quality of the patient as well as that of the family within the process, providing specific attention and offering the adequate social support according to the situation.

  1. Prevention, through advanced orientation tasks.
  2. Attention, through actions aimed to support, advise, and mobilise resources.

Appropriate actions will be taken according to the area of intervention.

Economic and administrative area (adaptation of personal and/or family resources to the needs, advising and information regarding to social resources and legal aspects in general).

Area related to housing, together with the occupational therapist and the physiotherapist (elimination of architectural barriers,…) or subsidies of official bodies in order to adapt the home to the new physical conditions of the patient (wheelchair,…).

Social relations area, with the aim to avoid the social dissociation of the sick patient and of the elderly, it is essential to intervene in order to maintain and promote integration from a social point of view, considering the individual situation of every patient.

Area related to the degree of dependency on social support, with the objective to increase the life quality of the patient as well as to avoid an early institutionalization, if his or her mental health is appropriate, having family members taking care of the patient in order to guide and offer the necessary support to avoid the risk of stress and overload, improving the social situation and the maintenance of the patient’s assistance.

Area related to the process of physical or mental disability.

  1. Related to the physical disability: information, guidance and administration of ortho-prosthetic devices. Together with the professionals in the area of rehabilitation, to provide guidance and training for the families, in order for them to participate in the rehabilitation process of the patient.
  2. Related to the mental disability: together with the team’s psychologist, to inform the family on the processes of mental deterioration and to guide and train the family to keep up the cognitive evolution of the patient, as well as to avoid the family from giving up on the patient.

Plan of coordination with other social services. Since the admission of the patient, we get in touch with the rest of services that work or will work on his or her discharge (ABS, SSAP, Day Center…), in order to reach an agreement on the social intervention that will be joint for all cases of discharge to the patient’s home or other admission services.

Sociosanitario Policlínica Comarcal

Multidisciplinary team

It provides medical equipment, nursery service, social worker, physiotherapists, occupational therapist, psychologist and speech therapist who act in a coordinated manner in order to guarantee the continuity of the provided care service as well as to implement social rehabilitation. Personal Attention Programs are organized on a weekly basis.

DOCTOR, who is informed of the health state of the patients as well as their dependency levels in the moment of admission. He also prescribes the specific treatments and points out the measures to be considered according to the individual needs.

PHYSIOTHERAPY / REHABILITATION, to make a physiotherapy assessment at admission. To identify the problems, establish objectives, specify a preventive treatment as well as maintenance and therapeutical treatments, inform and involve the user of the objectives to be achieved. Establish a compromise with the patient and the family in order to obtain a global treatment.

OCCUPATIONAL / RECREATIONAL THERAPY, to carry out the necessary tasks for the recovery, maintenance and development of the necessary capacities for the achievement of daily life activities which allow, when appropriate, the reintegration to the community. To introduce the occupational therapy intervention program to the user, making an assessment, planning, implementing and evaluating the intervention plan.

To inform, guide and advise the user and the family about the intervention program.

To train, reeducate and establish intervention patterns within the occupational areas in order to avoid and improve occupational malfunctions.

PSYCHOLOGY UNIT, where mental capacities are valued and, when appropriate, possible alteration is treated. To carry out the psychological evaluation of the patient from an emotional, cognitive and psychopathological approach.

To carry out the differential diagnosis, the treatment, the intervention and the prevention in the emotional and relational areas from an individual and group point of view.

SPEECH THERAPY, where assessments and sessions are carried out for the treatment of speech, language and communication distortion.

sociosanitario pcv


• Medical Management:
Medical Director: Isaac Contel
Healthcare Director: Jose Luís Guillen
Doctor: Miguel Del Río
Visiting hours: arranged

• Nursery:
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• Social Worker:

Visiting hours: arranged

• Psychologist:
Visiting hours: arranged

• Speech Therapist:
Visiting hours: arranged

• Physiotherapist:
Visiting hours: arranged

• Occupational Therapy:
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• Recreational Therapy:
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