PCV has a Surgical Unit for interventions with admission and/or ambulatory, as well as modern and fully equipped facilities and personalized attention of first level.

surgical Team

PVC counts on a Surgical Unit for programmed surgical procedures. A team of anesthesiologists, formed by four specialized professionals, covers the anesthesia service in the center.

Furthermore, we have medical collaborators in our team who carry out the surgical procedures corresponding to their specialities. In this unit, a professional nursery team specialized in the assistance of surgical procedures is appointed.

Pre-operative assessment, information
and documentation

PRE-OPERATORIVE ASSESSMENT: The following tests are performed:
– Clinical Analysis
– Electrocardiogram
– Chest Radiograph

INFORMATION: Depending on the type of surgical intervention


– Informed consent of the intervention
– Consent for Blood Products
– Informed consent for anaesthesia
– Pre-anaesthetic questionnaire

This documentation must be signed by the patient, after having been informed by the relevant professional to detail and to their full satisfaction.

Surgery Services - Surgical Specialities

Gynecological Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery

Ophthalmological Surgery

General Surgery

Vascular Surgery

Urologic and genital Surgery

Dermatology Surgery

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