What are the objectives of cosmetic surgery?

Rejuvenate and harmonize the body so that it has a pleasant and positive aspect for the client. And all this done with surgical techniques studied and modern and that involve the minimum of trauma and the least aggression to the anatomy.

Can we reshape the body with the redistribution of our body fat?

Combining different techniques, such as selective percussion liposuction with a thin cannula, lipoinjection of the fat or the placement of concealed prostheses where a lot of volume is missing, together with skin remodeling, the corporal contours can be perfected with often spectacular results.

Are there miraculous solutions like those found on social networks? What proposal does aesthetic surgery?

Miraculous solutions in lipodystrophies that are not due to inadequate intake do not exist. Cosmetic surgery can offer a redistribution of body fat and a correction of the lack of fat, as well as a remodeling of the skin and repair of the anatomical structures that form the body contour.

Does facial aging due to the fall and loss of skin elasticity have an improvement with cosmetic surgery?

Currently, three or four important points are outlined in order to produce the minimum body damage and achieve an optimal result. A selective facelift is done in orbits, eyes and in the neck with muscle treatment to give mandibular contour and recover the cervical angle of 90 degrees. Later, it is complemented with aesthetic medicine techniques such as infiltrations, botox and even with microinjection of fat to have a minor surgical impact.

Does the Policlinica offer all the modern techniques of cosmetic surgery safely?

Our team is empowered with knowledge and years of experience to safely practice all approved aesthetic interventions today.

Is recovery long and painful?

They are minimally invasive operations developed in recent years with the aim of achieving the best results and recovering faster and less painful.

Is the cost very high?

The interventions have an adjusted cost. In addition, financing and informative visits are provided without commitment or cost to assess all the medical, strategic and economic aspects.

Dr. Dori Rubia Martos and Dr. Josep Maria Serra Payró, Department of Cosmetic Surgery.

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