The Fotofinder Medicam 1000 videodermatoscopy equipment available at the Vendrell Regional Polyclinic is a state-of-the-art solution for obtaining and managing clinical and dermoscopic images of skin lesions.


Dermoscopy is a dermatological exploration technique that consists of direct observation of the skin using a system that allows the microscopic structures of skin lesions to be observed in detail while light reflections on the skin surface are eliminated. The use of this technology makes it possible to assess a series of characteristics that are not visible to the examination with the naked eye or with a traditional magnifying system.

FotoFinder-mapeo de lunares

With the mapping of moles offered by Fotofinder, we take macroscopic and microscopic photographs of pigmented lesions from all angles, which makes it possible to discover new lesions and detect changes, however subtle they may be. Dermatological check-ups and the use of Fotofinder is the most effective and accurate way to detect skin cancer at its earliest stage. It can also be used to assess scalp disorders, as well as alopecia (hair loss) and assess the effectiveness of prescribed treatments.

Dr. A. Casulleras, Dermatology

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