Times change and the philosophy of work changes with them; it is for this reason that the Polyclinic Comarcal of El Vendrell moves with these changes to give, as always, a quality care and adapted to the innovations in the attention to the people.

At the moment, Person Centred Care (PCC) is being established in all countries, understood as a philosophy of attention to people whose principles are dignity and autonomy.

The PCC puts the person at the center of care activity, where the capacities of the people served are more important than the deficits, and where the rights of these people and ethics are the main guide to follow.

In general, it seeks to focus attention and includes topics such as design, organization and service delivery. It is also used to guide the professional praxis functioning as a framework to develop these aspects. Thus, it is both methodology for guiding changes and a tool for making evaluations.

Putting the person in the center of attention means changing ways of working and relating to the people served, and the power of decision resides on them. In cases where the person has lost his autonomy, his family takes over. At the same time, it is necessary to look for tools or instruments that help us to know the people and understand what it is that gives them well-being or discomfort.

From this perspective, the interdisciplinary team of the center has decided to launch, among others, a new project, taking advantage of and integrating the era of ICT, to give through our website information and advice on care for the person and the attention to the various health problems that have more incidence in people or more distress them.

Therefore, periodically, you can read in the blog of PCV, small “health capsules” written by professionals in different areas and based on the care of people with the rigor that always characterizes us.

In addition, we want this project to be an active information and communication tool, so if you have any doubts, concerns or suggestions on any topic related to the PCC, you can let us know in the comments of the blog or in person and we will try to solve it in the next post.

Social and Health Unit and Assisted Home Care // Sra. Eva Tendero

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