Last Thursday, June 13, at the “Dr. Isaac Contel Auditorium” of the Policlinica Comarcal del Vendrell, the presentation of the new work that the artist Antoni Vives-Fierro has created by the PCV took place.

During the event, which was very well received, the documentary “Pater” that her daughter and also artist, Claudia Vives-Fierro, made at first hand, to dedicate to her father, was screened. In the documentary, from the father-daughter side and an artist-to-artist vision, Claudia Vives-Fierro takes us through her father’s great career, where in addition to explaining the different stages of the painter, a parallel is made with his personal and family life. With an exquisite treatment of the times and the artistic works of her father, Claudia Vives-Fierro pays an endearing tribute to her mentor.

Presentación-homenaje de la nueva obra de Antoni Vives Fierro

Antoni Vives-Fierro has left testimony through his work of the growth experienced by the Policlinica Comarcal del Vendrell throughout these 78 years of existence, with four works that are, at the same time, faithful testimony of the great and long friendship that unites Toni and Emi, with Carmen and Isaac Contel.


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