REGIONAL POLYCLINIC OF EL VENDRELL (RPV) in an attempt to achieve the objectives of sustainability, optimization of natural resources, energy saving and economic savings for the user, has taken the step to the installation of photovoltaic panels, thus contributing to the use of clean energy and sustainable.

The commitment that RPV makes to electrical energy generated or produced from renewable sources, making the most of the sun, a natural energy source that, correctly projected, is very profitable due to self-consumption, involves the photovoltaic solar installation with electricity generation for self-consumption on rooftops of El Vendrell Regional Polyclinic, thus contributing to the achievement of a more sustainable and healthy world for all of us who love.

From the RPV Management, Ariadna Contel informs us “of PCV’s commitment to sustainability, PROFISOL has made it a reality with the installation of 99 KWp solar modules and a power installed in 100 kW inverters, with daily, monthly and annual monitoring from a computer or mobile device, which allows us to measure our contribution to the environment and optimize natural resources, such as the sun.”


Joan and Josep Galofré, father and son, artifices of this installation confess to us “The truth is that when we see these images we are reminded of how complex and very laborious it has been to install the structures of the solar panels, due to the very diverse roofs that exist , and sharing spaces with existing facilities, however, happy with the maximum use and efficiency of the result, reserving a sufficiently accessible space for its control and maintenance… we enter directly into the power of self-consumption with the generation of electricity itself, thanks to a very productive investment and looking to the future. ”

From a careful energy study of our activity and its implementation, we have verified that photovoltaic energy is a very good option to save significantly on the electricity bill. Of course, if this investment decision is made, we must always count, given its complexity, with professional installers in the sector for better use of the land and results.

A step forward and for the future that from Regional Polyclinic we want to share with our environment.

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