Why get the flu vaccine?

The flu vaccine is the most effective protection measure against flu and recommended by the highest institutions and personalities in the health world (WHO, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Health …).

Such a sure statement is not made lightly, especially when it comes to health. Studies show this and it is estimated that the benefit of the vaccine has saved millions of lives in the world since its existence.

So, why the reluctance to get the vaccine?
I really do not know. There is no study that has concluded damages by the administration of the vaccine, on the contrary. But it is true, even in the health world, that pathogenic powers are attributed to it.

The reality is that the vaccine does not cover 100% of patients; It is estimated that 5% does not create enough antibodies against the virus.

And it is true that vaccines are created on the basis of flu viruses that are circulating around the world, and it is not possible to create vaccines against possible mutations, as happened with the famous flu A (H1N1) virus, which is already given in current vaccines.

Can the vaccine produce flu?
No, It is impossible. Vaccines are composed of dead viruses, so they do not produce the flu, although there may be some slight reaction of our defenses against the inoculated flu antigens.

If I have been vaccinated, can I get the flu?
Yes, although the signs and symptoms of the disease will be minimal compared to not being vaccinated.

It may be, as I explained before, that you have complete flu symptoms, due to the lack of production of defenses during the vaccination process, but it represents a minimal percentage.

Who should be vaccinated?
It should be “almost mandatory” in groups such as the health or teaching staff, considered at risk groups and also police and nursing home workers, among others.

Also, all patients with chronic diseases (Diabetes Mellitus, COPD …) and people over 65 years.

In short…
The flu vaccine is a good method of controlling the flu illness (although it does not avoid getting sick from other catarrhal viruses), with minimal side effects and really beneficial to the health of our family.

Medical Management Assistance. / Dr. J.L. Guillen Mejias

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