Embriogyn has just installed a new system for the control and traceability of all the samples that are worked in its in vitro fertilization laboratory. This new system is called RI Witness, developed in the UK and its main objective is to ensure maximum safety in the identification and handling of ovules, sperm and embryos of couples undergoing fertility treatment at the Embriogyn Clinic.

The biomonitoring systems are a recommendation of the European Union and Embriogyn is one of the first ten centers in Spain and the first in the province of Tarragona that is committed to implementing it.

In particular, the RI Witness system helps prevent potential errors by monitoring the human team in the laboratory and traceability during the safe and reliable handling of gametes and embryos. An extra level of security is created until a possible error is reduced to zero, since it warns before this potential error could happen. The work protocols used to date in Embriogyn already ensure a strict control of the identity of the samples.

With Witness, a step towards excellence

We know that an electronic control system offers patients greater confidence and tranquility and ensures that all procedures are carried out correctly throughout the treatment. The identification of the samples is guaranteed and patients can see it in every step that takes place from the beginning to the end. It is also another example of transparency from Embriogyn to its patients, since we understand that systems like these allow us to understand the working protocols of an Assisted Reproduction laboratory where all the details are taken care of to achieve an absolute success.

The quality management and safety of the Assisted Reproduction laboratory is a priority in Embriogyn. So from the application of this new system, is recorded and monitored all activity in the work areas where samples are handled 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The Embriogyn team philosophy is clear, take all the additional measures and controls necessary to be at the forefront and respond to the needs of patients.


The Witness system uses radiofrequency to detect and monitor all the activity of the Assisted Reproduction laboratory. The system helps to reduce to zero the risk of human error every time there is a manipulation of samples since each step is guaranteed, and even requires double controls at certain points of entry and exit of samples.

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