Embriogyn launches WITNESS, a novel biovigilance system

Embriogyn pone en marcha WITNESS, un novedoso sistema de biovigilancia

Embriogyn has just installed a new system for the control and traceability of all the samples that are worked in its in vitro fertilization laboratory. This new system is called RI Witness, developed in the UK and its main objective is to ensure maximum safety in the identification and handling of ovules, sperm and embryos […]

Be a mother

Tratamientos de reproducción para ser madre soltera

When the desire to be a mother arrives, the woman, regardless of social status or sexual condition, should be able to be. Whether you are a single woman (single mother) or a couple of lesbian women, you should seek help in assisted reproduction. For many years now, reproductive medicine has helped women become mothers, applying […]

Donate ovules: altruism and solidarity from woman to woman

Donar óvulos: altruismo y solidaridad de mujer a mujer

Without them (donors), it would not be possible. Every year in Catalonia, Spain and in the world, many children are born thanks to the solidarity and altruism of many women who give their ovules (1 out of 3 Assisted Reproduction treatments are done with donation of ovules). In Embriogyn for a while, we have promoted […]

What to do before the difficulty of having a child?

¿Qué hacer ante la dificultad de tener un hijo?

“We had wanted to have a child for a long time and we could not, we knew something was happening, and every time some friends told us they were expecting a child, we felt bad because we were not happy enough. We were happy but we also said: because they can and we can not. […]