Every July 26 we celebrate in our country, a very special and endearing day “THE GRANDFATHER’S DAY”. That wonderful person, an example of perseverance, unconditional love and delivery. The one that complements and has complemented everyone’s life and that is at the top of our family trees.

Perfect opportunity to repay them all that love and attention they have given us for so long, although they not only deserve to be recognized this day, but a lifetime. Just as they have given us so much love, advice and attention, they also need support, to feel valued, cared for. Without forgetting that they are one of the most important figures in society, their experience and transmission of values ​​is a key element for the development of the new generations.

We take advantage of this day to make a social call, so as not to neglect those elderly people who may need us so much. It is important to keep in mind that we too will reach that stage of life.

From POLICLINICA COMARCAL EL VENDRELL we thank all the grandparents and relatives who have placed their trust in us, and have made us participate in their care.

Our commitment is to ensure their condition, both physically and emotionally, encouraging basic and instrumental activities of daily life every day. We have a qualified staff that ensures that your needs are covered. We work day by day for them and for them, innovating so that they can receive top quality care.
It is clear that those who have grandparents have a treasure. Therefore, we have to take care of this fortune daily because they deserve it and because we have a lot to thank them for. Congratulations grandparents!

Claudia Duvergé, Nursing Assistant, Social and Health Service PCV

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