When talking about women’s health, unfortunately, we find many taboos. The origin is clear: until recently, it was not talk so openly about “women’s problems.” Going to the gynecologist was reserved for when there was no other choice. The grandmother’s remedies were worth more: If it stings you down there “put yogurt in the area ” or “some thyme baths will do very well” and a long etcetera, or the expression “don’t complain so much, girl”. It is true that natural remedies can sometimes go well, and although many work, they are not backed by scientific evidence, which makes them hardly recommended by a health professional.

Luckily, things have been changing lately. The wall and taboos have been progressively broken thanks to the emancipation of women, respect for their figure and their empowerment. In this way, ignorance and shame have gradually vanished. The interest in the body itself and what happens is one of the engines of this change. Discovering oneself is one of the best recommendations I can give you. Knowing one’s body is of the utmost importance.

If you know yourselves you will know what is normal and, therefore, you can know what is not when things change, and you can ask for help in this regard. For example, with respect to the breast, do not be afraid to explore yourself; If you do, do it with an open and flat hand, after showering and after the period. Having confidence in your gynecologist will save you many future problems: there are many diseases or disorders that, taken on time, have a much better prognosis and are potentially curable.

Talking about the things that happen to us does no harm, quite the opposite: it can solve long-term pathologies that otherwise would not be solved so well. I will give you an example: it is very common to present some leakage of urine after delivery, but it is not so normal that it remains in time: check with your doctor if it continues to happen at six months or more. It is also normal to have some discomfort in sexual intercourse after childbirth, but you should not be ashamed to explain it.

In short, speak without fear, without shame, trust. The professionals are for that, sometimes we are distant and, perhaps, what we have to do is to become closer and make you see more often that we are to help you and try to solve together the problems that arise.

Dr. Ricard Figueras Claver, Doctor specializing in Gynecology / Policlinica Comarcal del Vendrell

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