The social educator is the great unknown in health centers mainly because he is a relatively young discipline in multidisciplinary teams everywhere and even more so in health centers.

That is why, in addition to his / her duties, the social educator must make the rest of the professionals, patients and relatives aware of his / her socio-educational action in this field.

We work, like the rest of the team’s professionals, to assess the patient, individualize the treatment in order to offer comfort, improve the quality of life and make the person more autonomous within their possibilities, also working with their environment. and resources; being a goal of the most important that the patient is integrated into society and maintain his role as close as possible to his life prior to admission.

It is important to note that we are not just talking about the elderly, as the social health center can accommodate any patient with a disability who needs work in the affected areas, with a disease that needs palliative care or with social problems.

Usually when we talk about this type of center we think only of the elderly but there is a big difference in care because in the face of different criteria, beyond age, we work from a more biopsychosocial aspect.

We cannot end without mentioning COVID19, this health crisis that has led to a social and economic crisis that, according to experts, still has a long way to go, which will unfortunately affect the most vulnerable.

With all this, the various services have had to reorganize the way they work at the relational level, of materials, of infrastructures,… following the restrictions and indications depending on the evolution of the pandemic.

And it has not only affected at the organizational level but also affects the profile of the patient who is admitted, with more psychological impact, in addition to the reason for admission. As well, the situation has led to relatives and patients admitted to go through processes and / or moments of anxiety, fear, uncertainty, isolation, etc.

We will therefore work in the most normal way possible, in order to alleviate all the discomfort that this pandemic has generated, without ever losing sight of the fact that the most important thing is to prevent us from returning to such critical moments that have affected patients, families and staff.

Eva Mª Tendero Rebollo – PCV Social Educator – Nº. Col. 7973

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