Currently, 40% of the population is a user of the well-known aesthetic medicine.

This is characterized by providing an improvement in appearance in a natural and discreet manner, thus also improving the patients’ self-esteem and showing the best version of each of them.

Aesthetic medicine is not only “Botox” and lips with hyaluronic acid, even if they are the star treatments, but also gives us an immense range of both body and facial treatments.

In the case of younger users, it is common for them to demand body treatments to treat cellulite and localized fat, while for older people the most requested treatment is the laser for pigmentations and treatments that help fight the aging of the skin caused by the passage of time and bad habits, such as chemical peels. It is a field that does not differentiate gender when applying treatments, in fact, men are increasingly regulars of aesthetic medical centers.

There is still a way to go to overcome the stigmas of aesthetic medicine such as fears caused by malpractice, abuse and old products that did not reflect the results we want to obtain with our treatments (the paralyzing effect of Botox, silicone lips, cheekbones with permanent fillings…). But over time it has been possible to demonstrate that we try only to find the harmony and beauty of our face and our body without having to go through an operating room and in a much more subtle way.

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