We have all heard about healthy eating at one time or another, but it is often confused with diets for weight loss, diets for certain diseases, or simply avoiding eating fats. But healthy eating is not just what we eat, it can be considered a whole set of actions to improve our health; Among other benefits, it provides us with the prevention and treatment of important chronic diseases such as hypertension, neurological and coronary diseases and diabetes.

Our diet, the Mediterranean diet, has been studied for many years and has established itself as the healthiest diet that exists today. However, when carrying out studies, recommendations or implementation of diets, we must take into account the person as a set of elements, so the diet and its habits will be influenced by economic, cultural and social factors. However, and in any case, the diet should be:

Therefore, healthy food, physical activity and mental activity are vital for good health; But it is always recommended to follow the advice of professionals in the matter to optimize results and prevent possible incidents in case you have a disease that may cause contraindications.

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