Currently due to the demands of society caused by the media and social networks that induce to be productive and to value only what is achieved and not the effort, together with the overprotection of children by not letting them learn from experience and trying Filling their needs not only emotional but also material in all possible ways means that they do not learn to elaborate negative emotions such as frustration, impotence, in short, they do not know how to face the NO that is absolutely necessary to face the world and solve problems .

All this means that more and more people, increasingly younger, with generalized anxiety disorders, this disorder can produce physical symptoms that greatly scare people who suffer from it. The most common of these disorders are crises or anxiety attacks that cause significant physical alterations that cause the avoidance of certain situations that over time make the person’s life begin to be limited by not being able to face everyday moments of the day to day This causes, among other thoughts of disabling and a feeling of non-normality, at the same time, thoughts that anticipate the alteration and that produce the avoidance of the situation.

These disorders can be solved with a cognitive-behavioral therapy with which the person also learns to solve and face conflicts and problems and regain control of their emotions and behaviors.

Rosario Crespin Ruiz – Clinical psychologist specializing in anxiety and personality disorders – Col.8582

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