Policlínica Comarcal del Vendrell in its continuous effort to be at the forefront of new technologies has installed a new nuclear magnetic resonance. This, given its characteristics and capabilities, is unique in the entire area and allows us to go one step further in the control and detection of pathologies.

Magnetic resonance imaging is a medical imaging technique that uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of organs and tissues in the body.

The new 1.5 tesla MRI allows to offer better image quality, the ECHELON Smart system helps to optimize workflow and improve performance.

This system allows for rapid scanning and reduces the need for repeat scans as well as shortening scanning time. It incorporates a technique to improve the signal-to-noise ratio that offers excellent image quality.

The use of receiver coils for individual regions has resulted in reduced scan time as well as high image quality. Thanks to this new evolution, it is able to achieve greater sensitivity and image stability.

Types of scans

  1. Diagnostic study of the central nervous system: it is the most used imaging test of the brain and spinal cord.
  2. Diagnostic study of musculoskeletal injuries: it can detect all kinds of abnormalities in the joints and bone problems.
  3. Diagnostic study of the abdomen: can detect tumors, cysts or other abnormalities of many organs of the body.

MRI of the brain and spinal cord

MRI of bones and joints

MRI of other internal organs (ABDOMINAL)

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