Our principles

These PCV principles are part of the culture of committment of all professionals for the development of both their mission and their objectives.

The healthcare provided at our Polyclinic focuses on the patients, taking into account their families so that an individual and personalized service can be provided to each patient. The service needs to be based on the best possible scientific evidence, under a criteria of multipurpose treatment, efficiency and effectiveness, providing a coverage as extended and integrated as possible.
The treatment of the patients needs to be guaranteed, in any case, the preservation of the rights that they have, the confidentiality of their data and personal and health circumstances, as well as the maximum respect of their independence when it comes to taking decisions. In this regard, expectations, opinions and suggestions from patients and family members and community partners and professionals from the polyclinic are taken into account and are part of the set of elements of evaluation for decision-making.
Systematic evaluations of the results of our activity and the research of opportunities to improve, as well as the optimization of our available resources are part of the joint commitment of the Organization in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness, as well as to promote excellence. The data comparison and the benchmarking of results with centers and excellence units, and of quality administration, are fundamental pieces in order to follow the steps of the changes within the healthcare administration.
Continous training, support and technical knowledge of our professionals, which represent the main priority within the permanent objective to develop the necessary skills in order to provide a social and healthcare service aiming to excellence.

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