Once again, the Policlinica Comarcal del Vendrell has been part of the “Dona el millor de tu dona sang” project promoted by the Department of Health together with the Blood and Tissue Bank. On January 14, the PCV welcomed a high percentage of people who wanted to participate in the initiative by donating blood.


There are many reasons why donating blood is beneficial to the donor’s health as well as saving lives. The donor rejuvenates the body because, by reducing the fluid level, the body generates new cells and gives way to “new and fresh” blood. It balances iron levels, if we consider that an adult has about 5 grams of iron in his body and when donating blood is reduced. This loss is replaced days later with food and is regulated naturally. Blood flows better, less detrimental to the lining of blood vessels. It also requires a medical check, since in order to donate blood it is necessary to check the donor’s pulse, as well as the levels of pressure, hemoglobin and if you have HIV.

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