Speech therapy is the specialty that is dedicated to working in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders, whether they are speech or language, swallowing, hearing and voice in both adults and children.

The most frequently attended problems are:
• Speech disorders: dyslalias, phonological awareness.
• Muscle tone, breathing and swallowing in patients with oral malformations (dysglossia)
• Stimulation of language in early childhood.
• Fluency disorders (dysphemias, tachyphemias, stuttering).
• Voice disorders (dysphonia).
• Speech and swallowing disorders in neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s chorea, etc.).
• Specific linguistic stimulation in cognitive impairment and dementias.
• Language Disorders: Language Delay and TDL Language Development Disorder.
• Hearing disorders (mild loss, hearing loss).
• Myofunctional alterations: atypical swallowing, dysphagia, deficit in saliva control, orofacial hypotonia
• Speech and / or language disorders acquired due to neurological disorders (dysarthria, aphasia).
• Disorders in written language (dyslexias, dysgraphias, dysortographies).

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Speech therapy is a health discipline that is responsible for applying treatments in order to alleviate the difficulties that arise in the areas of breathing, voice, swallowing, posture, speech, language, communication. As well as those disorders that occur in literacy and learning.
The main intervention techniques used in this speech therapy service are the following:
• Relaxation techniques.
• Cognitive techniques.
• Breathing techniques.
• Oral praxis that promote good tone, posture and functionality in articulation and swallowing.
• Myofunctional therapy.
• Implementation of alternative or augmentative communication systems
• Vocal techniques (voice).
• Techniques that promote phonological awareness.
• Lexical / semantic and morphosyntactic stimulation in a multimudal way.
• Techniques that favor reading decoding, speed, precision and reading comprehension.

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