This year, and as a consequence of climate change, summer heat waves are expected to be more frequent and more intense. For this reason, the negative effects of extreme heat on people must be prevented and minimized; especially on the most vulnerable groups such as the elderly, pregnant women, chronically ill people, children, workers who carry out their work day outdoors… Therefore, in order to prevent incidents, it is recommended to follow some basic general instructions applicable to all groups, whether vulnerable or not.

In addition, it is recommended to remain informed through networks or media of the level of risk due to extreme temperatures in our area to act accordingly. In addition to the advice described, it is important to know that prolonged exposure to the sun’s radiation can cause burns, sunstroke, skin aging, ophthalmological problems, alterations of the immune system… To avoid this we should:

In addition to all this, if you have any questions, it is recommended to consult with your doctor or specialized professionals.

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