Dentistry at the Policlinica Comarcal

Odondología en la Policlínica Comarcal

What can we find in the Department of Dentistry of the PCV? Our team has a professional acting philosophy based on offering our patients personalized treatment plans according to their needs in order to achieve full oral health. We have specialists that cover each area, a factor that guarantees the success of the treatment. Currently, […]


La erupción de dientes de leche y el flúor

The eruption or dental exfoliation of the temporary teeth (dentition that is in the mouth of children from 8 months to 12 years approximately) usually generates some discomfort, especially in the initial eruption, between 8 months and 20 months approximately. The dental eruption begins with the exit of the lower central incisors (7-8 months of […]

What is the dental caries?

¿Qué es la Caries Dental?

It is one of the most common infections in the world population, it is a multifactorial problem, that is, it is generated due to the sum of several causes, here we will analyze each of them. It is basically the destruction of dental hard tissues (enamel and dentine) due to the acids of the bacteria […]

Dental implants: Usual doubts about the treatment

Implantes dentales: Dudas usuales ante el tratamiento

Dental absences have ceased to be an aesthetic and functional problem with the use of dental implants. Technology has turned this intervention into a routine procedure in the offices, however there are still doubts regarding this issue. We have compiled the most usual doubts of our patients to try to clarify these concerns. Is it […]

Dental eruption: Chronology and different stages

Erupción dentaria: Cronología en sus diferentes etapas

The dental eruption corresponds to the mobilization or displacement of the tooth from the inside of the maxillary or mandibular bone to its final position within the buccal arch, culminating with normality this process once a correct occlusion with the antagonist has been achieved. Knowing their evolution and understanding the eruption as a physiological process […]

The relationship between children’s feeding and dental health

La alimentación y la salud bucal

Tips for oral hygiene When we think about our children, we always look for the best nutrition so that they can develop as healthy as possible and we are very focused on valuing the nutrients of each meal. And if so, we are doing well. However, there are certain foods that do not generate an […]