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When we think about our children, we always look for the best nutrition so that they can develop as healthy as possible and we are very focused on valuing the nutrients of each meal. And if so, we are doing well. However, there are certain foods that do not generate an ideal oral health so it is important to know them and cook with the ingredients that cause less harm to oral health.

In this brief article you will find tips and a small guide to be able to know and master the relationship of nutrition with oral health. Dr. Luisa Diaz, an expert in oral surgery and a member of the California Dental Association (CDA) explains that each food has a degree of acidity known as the pH index or the presence of hydrogen. This index goes from 0 which means an extreme level of acid to 14 which means an extreme level of alkalinity, the neutral point is in the value 7, which is possessed by water for example. In conclusion, the lower the Ph value of a food, the higher its acidity level. The reason why acidity is important for assessing how it affects oral health is that the oral enamel, which is the surface of the teeth, is degraded in the presence of an acid, and the greater the acidity, the easier it can be degrade this surface and generate damage to the teeth.

Knowing all foods and their different PH is almost impossible, but from now on it is important to look at the nutritional table, to learn what is the Ph of what we consume and try to supplant a harmful diet by an alkaline diet.

It is important to highlight that everything summarized in this list above causes real harm if done consistently, as a dietary habit. The key is to always complement the diet with a good oral hygiene and follow certain guidelines, such as:

If you have any doubts, always ask your trusted specialist to guide you without problems so that you and your whole family have excellent oral healthControls and correct hygiene are the key to your health, so you can always show a beautiful and healthy smile.

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