Without them (donors), it would not be possible. Every year in Catalonia, Spain and in the world, many children are born thanks to the solidarity and altruism of many women who give their ovules (1 out of 3 Assisted Reproduction treatments are done with donation of ovules). In Embriogyn for a while, we have promoted the “dónaadona” program to publicize the donation of ovules, but also to give recognition to these people who donate selflessly.

The situation is that there are many women or couples who can not get a child naturally, and only another person can compensate for this lack. Although science and medicine have evolved, without the donor nothing could exist, and that makes them big as people because they make it possible for other women to achieve what they want most in life.

As a center we are well aware of the importance of this first donation step and that is why we take care of donors from all sides (medical and emotional) so that they do not suffer any risk. We believe that when a person does this step and wants to give, she deserves more than anyone who cares for her.

In Embriogyn, we become the facilitators and intermediaries of this whole process, which will eventually close the circle with the birth of a child.

But the process implies requirements that must be met, and not all donors end up being fit. In Embriogyn not all donation cases continue; Sometimes because after the initial explanation there is no interest, others because the medical or psychological requirements were not met, others because they did not show sufficient interest or lack of seriousness (we do not want the treatment to be abandoned in the middle) or others for the own medical or psychological security of the donor. This shows the importance we attach to the selection and allocation between donor and recipient, and the very high medical vigilance we carry out because we are well aware of everything behind.

In principle, donors can be women between 18 and 35 years of any nationality that do not have diseases. The process takes about 12 days with the need to make a rest day. Before the treatment, a medical study is carried out on women, which, apart from serving to determine whether it is fit for the process, also serves the donor to find out how she is in health. The donation is anonymous, and the law establishes equal economic compensation everywhere, due to the inconvenience caused.

If you are a woman, and you want to act solidarity, help other women, you can really make other couples very happy.

Assisted Reproduction Service/ Embriogyn

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