Lately, in our society we need to dedicate a day to the things that we think are important, that’s why July 26 in our country is the day of the grandfather. This, which seems to be very important, is actually a fallacy, because every day of the year we should consider grandparents important for many reasons.

Grandparents are important and necessary in any society and thanks to them we acquire knowledge and attitudes in a positive way that are integrated into the personality of each one of us. They provide us with the transmission of oral culture, which is very important, thanks to which the identity of the family is transmitted first and then the identity of the society of which we are a part, in this way we get a good identification with the environment and this facilitates our integration.

Today, grandparents are an essential and active part of society helping sons with the care children need. This is done differently than parents because they have more patience, they value time more and they dedicate personal attention to the grandchildren. Thanks to this, it increases the self-esteem of both grandparents and children, who learn to value older people as wise people and learn more traditional things, and no less important.

The changes produced in our society, increased life expectancy, more nuclear families, smaller homes, have caused us to take care of our grandparents in a different way and not worse. For this reason, there has been the appearance of public and private centers with the purpose of providing the necessary care and attention.

In PCV we treat people individually, taking into account both the emotional and physical aspects. We work to maintain and improve the physical part and at the same time the cognitive and psychological part, performing appropriate exercises that promote group cohesion and the maintenance and strengthening of abilities that begin to fail by age. We use music therapy techniques, executive functions, memory…

We carry out in the center the recreational activities that they previously carried out in their daily lives so that they maintain their activity and integration within society. Therefore, from PCV we invite all families that participate with us proactively.

Rosario Crespin Ruiz. Psychologist, col. 8582

Magdalena Pardos

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