We recycle for ourselves and for the planet


It is a reality that we are immersed in a major environmental crisis caused by, among other factors, a progressive degradation of the environment, an excessive exploitation of natural resources, an unsustainable consumption and a long etcetera caused by the human being and which is growing immeasurably at the over the years. Just as the […]

The cold, a danger in the home

El fred, un perill a la llar

We are all clear that when it is cold it is better to be at home than outside, but… is our home as safe as we think? And in some situations, such as the increase in the price of supplies, it may happen that we do not have the possibility of having heating, a fireplace,… […]

When the cold comes…


Although when we are overwhelmed by the heat we tirelessly ask for the cold and the rain to arrive; but when it comes to us… we are not happy either; And that is how human beings are. In reality, the cold brings us things that we can enjoy such as snow for those who like […]


El papel de un técnico o auxiliar de enfermeria en un sociosanitario - Policlínica Comarcal del Vendrell

The work of nursing technicians in a socialhealth care unit aims to provide complete and personalized care, as well as to meet the needs of people in a situation of dependency, including the entire set of health and social care. The functions focus on the care of those who require help in their day to […]

Rational use of antibiotics in Pediatrics


Antibiotics have saved millions of lives in recent decades since the era of antibiotics began in 1940 with Penicillin. It is essential to use them correctly to be useful and not counterproductive. For this, we must highlight a series of points that are important to consider: – They are only effective for infections caused by […]


La erupción de dientes de leche y el flúor

The eruption or dental exfoliation of the temporary teeth (dentition that is in the mouth of children from 8 months to 12 years approximately) usually generates some discomfort, especially in the initial eruption, between 8 months and 20 months approximately. The dental eruption begins with the exit of the lower central incisors (7-8 months of […]

What is the dental caries?

¿Qué es la Caries Dental?

It is one of the most common infections in the world population, it is a multifactorial problem, that is, it is generated due to the sum of several causes, here we will analyze each of them. It is basically the destruction of dental hard tissues (enamel and dentine) due to the acids of the bacteria […]